Adopt Banoffee Today

Banoffee is a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf goat and a pygmy goat – both miniature breeds. Banoffee was born to Gertie (and Humphrey) on April 5, 2022 – however Banoffee was a big baby and Gertie wasn’t sure what to do with him so she rejected him. We stepped in and Banoffee was bottle fed from day 1 in the house. Banoffee thought our male dog Aspen was his Mom so would constantly try to head butt him in the privates to nurse… despite this Aspen always let Banoffee curl up and fall asleep with him. Banoffee is white and cream colouring and loves people, in fact he doesn’t really get why he is with other goats when clearly he is a house dog! Banoffee is really chatty and may talk your ear off during a visit.

Pricing/Package Available 

Package A – $50

  • A certificate of adoption and info on the package chosen (sent by email) 
  • A package on Banoffee which includes an image, personal details, personality traits and details on the species (sent by email) 
  • An update on Banoffee twice per year (sent via email)
  • A Zoom call with Banoffee – Date and time must be pre-booked 

Package B – $250

All of Package A PLUS: A private 1 hour meet and greet play time with Banoffee for up to 4 people. During this time you will get introduced to Banoffee, be able to cuddle, play, feed and take photos with him. Date and time must be pre-booked


The fine print on my adoption: 

  • The adopter will be the individual named on the certificate and the adoption cannot be transferred or refunded 
  • Adoption is for 1 year from the time of purchase and can be renewed if desired 
  • Package inclusions purchased must be used within the adoption period
  • Adoption does not imply ownership of the animal 
  • An animal may be adopted by more than one person
  • If your adopted animal is no longer available at the farm during your adoption period (ie death of the animal or other reason) you will be provided another animal and their package for the remainder of your adoption time