Adopt Clara Today

Clara is a Highland Cow in the classic gorgeous red colouring. Clara came to us from another farm when she was 6 years old along with her young calf we named Fiona. Clara has quickly made herself Herd matriarch and also at times the herd bully… she even pushes around our angus beef cow Angusta who is probably 500lbs heavier than she is. 

Clara eats hay, silage and forages and for a treat she can be hand fed grain (through the safety of a gate) and will allow people to touch her horns and give her a head scratch.

Pricing/Package Available 

Package A – $75

  • A certificate of adoption and info on the package chosen (sent by email) 
  • A package on Clara which includes an image, personal details, personality traits and details on the species (sent by email) 
  • An update on Clara twice per year (sent via email)
  • A Zoom call with Clara – Date and time must be pre-booked 

Package B – $250

All of Package A PLUS: 

  • A private 30 minute meet and greet time with Clara and her friends for up to 4 people. During this time you will get introduced to Clara, be able to hand feed and take photos.  Note: hand feeding will take place with a gate between Clara and you for your safety. If possible we will go into the pasture with a staff person to get pictures – we cannot guarantee you can pet Clara within the pasture or be close to her for the image. Clara has large horns and may throw her head around at any time and we do not want unintended injuries. Date and time must be pre-booked 

Package C – $1000 – EXCLUSIVE – ONLY 1 AVAILABLE 

All of the packages A & B PLUS: 

  • Naming rights to her next calf & photo of the new calf after it is born 

Private meet and greet and photos with the calf when we are able to safely bring her away from Mom.  Date and time must be pre-booked

The fine print on my adoption: 

  • The adopter will be the individual named on the certificate and the adoption cannot be transferred or refunded 
  • Adoption is for 1 year from the time of purchase and can be renewed if desired 
  • Package inclusions purchased must be used within the adoption period
  • Adoption does not imply ownership of the animal 
  • An animal may be adopted by more than one person
  • If your adopted animal is no longer available at the farm during your adoption period (ie death of the animal or other reason) you will be provided another animal and their package for the remainder of your adoption time