Duration: From 11am to 4pm

A magical afternoon on the farm tasting Ontario made gourmet products

Duration: 75 Minutes 

Nothing reduces stress like a downward goat pose!

Duration: 75 minutes

Jump on a walk with the most peaceful, ‘soft to the touch’ animals.

Duration: Up to 60 minutes

Come join our 4 legged kids for goat recess.

Duration: 2.5 Hours

A discovery of food & farm through the people, animals & land.

Duration: Up to 45 minutes

Come join our 4 legged kids for goat cuddles

Duration: 60 minutes

An exclusive lunch date you will never forget!

Duration: 3 Hours

3 unique team building & hands on learning experiences

Duration: Customisable

Make a great backdrop for your business or personal photo shoot

Duration: Up To 60 minutes

Get up close and personal with these gentle beautiful animals.

Duration: Customisable

Unique experience for your family, company, wedding.

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