Cheryl Haskett, Udderly Ridiculous, Farm Life

Cheryl Haskett

Cheryl is reluctantly the “Udderly” in Udderly Ridiculous. Cheryl is the CIO – “Chief Ice Cream Officer” at Udderly Ridiculous and takes this role very seriously (in spite of the name!) Cheryl’s life experience comes from being a mom and a leadership facilitator, along with having a background in sales, customer service and tourism. Cheryl’s real passion however, is feeding people. Cheryl doesn’t just love to cook – she cook’s to love – and is never happier than when someone thoroughly enjoys what she has created.

Cheryl Haskett

Greg Haskett, Udderly Ridiculous, Farm Life

Greg Haskett

Greg is the self-proclaimed “Ridiculous” in Udderly Ridiculous. Greg is best described as a loving father, a 3rd generation farmer, a University of Guelph alumnus, an avid traveler, life-long learner and at times a mischievous trouble-maker. Greg’s dream has long been to bring products to market using fresh-from-the-farm ingredients while supporting agriculture ventures at home and abroad.

Greg Haskett

Erin Humphrey, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario

Erin Humphrey

My name is Erin and I am thrilled to be a part of Udderly Ridiculous! I have been in sales for my whole career and with Cheryl and Greg specifically for just over 2 years. Cheryl and Greg have created a company that is focused on doing their part to make the world a better place. It is a privilege to be with them from the ground up.
I love getting to know the staff of our independent retailers and appreciate more than words can say how important it is for small business owners to support one another. I also love meeting people in person who try the ice cream for the very first time. We especially like to meet those who may be hesitant at first – goat milk? You bet! One taste and they’re sold. My job as a sales person is easy – the ice cream speaks for itself.

A bit about me: I am happily married to my high school sweetheart and mom to 2 awesome kids. I live in Guelph, enjoy traveling, community theatre, trying new restaurants, and spending time with family and friends.

Erin Humphrey

Harmony Deslauriers, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario

Harmony Deslauriers

Hey! My name is Harmony Deslauriers and i’m the administrative assistant here at Udderly Ridiculous. I am a current McMaster University Music student (ironic, I know) and if there’s two things in life that keep me going it’s ice cream and having things organized.
I grew up on a farm surrounded by entertaining animals, and udderly ridiculous offers nothing less. On my days off you can find me reading outside with my dogs, going for long aimless drives, and probably thinking about my new goat friends- and our wine and dark chocolate ice cream, which I highly recommend! I am so excited to work with such an amazing team this summer (people and animals included), and I can’t wait for you to check us out!

Harmony Deslauriers

Harmony Deslauriers

Catherine Limousin, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario

Catherine Limousin

I am a French cheese-maker and goat whisperer for over 10 years. My mission is to share with you my knowledge and passion for goats and cheeses.
My experience with goats started in 2009 until 2017 where this passion brought me to Canada for a year-long international agriculture work experience - which happened to be on Greg & Cheryl’s goat farm. I was involved with the first batches of goat milk ice cream - the flavours we were surprised about, the ones we gave the thumbs down to and the ones that eventually went on to be what was launched after my year had been up and I went home.
I joined a cheese company when I went back to France…of course! However on a trip back to Canada, Cheryl convinced me to come back and be a part of their Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life!

Fun fact: It is not a myth French people are crazy about cheese but always with a nice Baguette!

Catherine Limousin

Olivia Markle

Nicole DeMelo, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario

Nicole DeMelo

Hi! I’m Nicole, was born and raised right here in Oxford County, and I have a passion for all things local. I’m a mom to two awesome little boys who keep me on my toes! I am best described as "chatty" so you could say sales and I go together like wine and dark chocolate!

I enjoy nothing more than bringing happiness into people's lives, so rather than offering my bad jokes, I’m thrilled to bring smiles with our Udderly Ridiculous ice cream to stores and customers across Ontario.
Olivia Markle, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario

Olivia Markle

My name is Olivia Markle and no, I am not related to Meghan Markle but I certainly wish I was!

I am a current University of Guelph student who loves to work with people (and now, goats as well!) in all different capacities. As a self-proclaimed “people-pleaser,” I’m super excited to have joined the team at Udderly Ridiculous and look forward to helping make your experience as memorable as possible. Being a lover of all things small and local, I’m ready to learn and share everything that makes us so special, and I hope I can impart my enthusiasm on you as well.

By the end of the summer, I’m hoping to earn the title as the G.O.A.T. in customer service! Outside of work, you can probably find me outdoors in the fresh air or at one of the many garden centres that Southwestern Ontario has to offer! As a new and avid plant collector, I frequent the houseplant section looking for new additions more than I’d like to admit.

Additional Guides

Cassie, Goat Yoga Instructor, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life

Cassie Scoyne

My name is Cassie Scoyne and I have been practicing yoga over the last six years. I was inspired to start my practice for the art of what your body can do, but quickly fell in love with all the added benefits it brought to my life.
I started to feel a deeper connection with myself, learned new ways to love my body and found my passion along the way. In June of 2017, I made the decision to travel to Ubud Bali, Indonesia for my Yoga Training to earn the opportunity to teach others and pass on the magical vibes yoga has to offer. I currently teach a lot of beginners so in my classes I teach poses with a modified variation as well show the challenging side of it so the practice can be open for all levels.
You know your body best so you can challenge yourself where you need it. I love being able to share my practice and can’t wait to meet you on your mat.

Cassie Scoyne, Yoga

Wanda Csanyi, Yoga, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life

Wanda Csanyi

I am a Healer, a Soul Connections Practitioner, a Certified Yoga Instructor and an Animal lover. I am living a spirit guided, heart-based life, where Love is the answer no matter what the question.

My mission in life is to teach people how to reconnect back to Love and Joy, by lightening up and letting go. I am a high frequency guide who uses Hatha Yoga, Love Activations, Meditations, Tools and Techniques to assist my clients, as they rise above the struggle, releasing tension, stress, worry and anxiety, with ease.

I am ecstatic to be connecting to likeminded souls, who also love to play and enjoy life to the fullest. I light up just imagining, these sweet baby goats, being our playmates during our yoga classes. They are natural healers as they teach us to live in the moment, frolic, play, jump and have fun without a care in the world.

Wanda Csanyi, Yoga

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