Animal Farm Near Me, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario


An Udderly Ridiculous taste of Farm Life is all about an opportunity for people to escape the stress, anxiety and pace of life. To experience country life, learning about food production – both the land and the animals that support it. It’s an opportunity to intimately engage with our animals, local food, farming and learning in a fresh new way. 
We have a big vision for our agri-tourism experiential facility here on the farm. We want to support producers both locally and globally – we have an aim in our first year to support at least 50 local producers, artisans and service providers and grow that number exponentially once we have a year round farm store/commercial kitchen constructed. We also will continue our giving to the local food banks and extend our gift a goat program so we can meet or exceed our target of buying 100 goats through World Vision by the end of 2021. 
However with COVID, banks are not so willing to take risks (especially as it relates to tourism) and so we, with your help, are going to prove to them that this model, vision and community collaboration is absolutely worth backing. How will we do this? We are personally investing into our first phase to launch July 2021
Map of Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life In Bright, Ontario
Goat Farm Near Me, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario
Goat Yoga Near Me, Yoga with Goats, Yoga with baby goats, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario
Alpaca Farm Near Me, Alpaca Walking, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario
Farm Living, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario

Phase I

  • We have built specialized paddocks for our Alpaca’s and miniature goats to allow for intimate experiences and encounters with these amazing animals. 
  • Upon opening we will have 14 alpacas, our Guard Llama snickers, 13 miniature goats, 2 cows and laying hens for “collect your own eggs”. 
  • Our Goat Yoga will be within an outdoor event tent (situated in our backyard!) that allows for all weather classes from May to October. 
  • We will have a 1.5km (3000 fitbit steps) walking path through the farm property with spots to stop along the way that will be utilized for some of our experiences. 
  • We will do some renovations on an existing building to enable a 3 season farm market store with a variety of Udderly Ridiculous products, and tons of local producers and artisans products. 
  • We will have some outdoor seating available for people to relax and have a snack or pre-ordered lunch and a portable washroom with a hand sink will be available. 
Goat Farm, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario
Life On The Farm, Farm Living, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario
Farm Life, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario
Animal Farm, Goat Farm, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario
Fun Outdoor Family Experiences, Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life, Bright, Ontario

Phase II

  • Build a 2500 sq foot building with an outdoor covered patio area looking out at the paddocks. The building will have a year round store, scoop shop and commercial teaching kitchen, along with a wheelchair accessible washroom. 
  • We will create a parking lot as well as an area for picnic tables and for the goat yoga tent on lush grass. We also want to make our walking trail even better by levelling the ground and adding wood chips 
  • We will install gardens and fruit trees, along with specially designed flow hives that allows for minimal disturbance of the bees. 
  • Along our treeline, looking out over the fields will be 8 firepits for a casual evening meal or treat while watching the sun go down. 
  • We want to extend the biodiversity on the farm including additional fruit trees, butterfly and herb gardens, bee hives, pasture raised chickens and a highland cow, because they are just so fluffy!
  • In order to manage all the maintenance effectively we would also like to have an electric tractor with implements
  • Our interim 3 season store will then be turned into an event room allowing for private groups and custom designed corporate learning experiences. 

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Food should have exceptional, real ingredients, period. That’s why we only make our Udderly Ridiculous products with high-quality natural ingredients. It’s also why we personally curate products from only the most amazing local producers to have available in our market.


We honour the idea that each person we interact with is a partner. This means our team members, our suppliers, our vendors, retailers, and especially our customers. With this mindset, we work to make each other better. We are open to new ideas and insights, products, and flavours. We strive to operate out of integrity, inclusiveness, and respect and we ask that in return.


We believe that great customer service (like common sense) is a rare thing to find. We are Ridiculously passionate about creating an environment that educates, serves, and delights the senses.


We have a responsibility to be good stewards for the people, animals, land, and the positions we’ve been entrusted with. 

  • We believe in sustainable farming practices – we use a combination of conventional and regenerative methods and seek to improve biodiversity. We also believe in sustainable tourism, and so we limit the volume of people who can be on site at any given time and we generate as little waste products as possible. 
  • We have high standards of animal welfare and for the animals we use as part of the educational experiences we limit the number of people and the amount of time with the animals so we ensure they have a balance of stimulation and rest – this is why we are not a petting zoo. We ensure animals have plenty of room, high quality feed and adequate exercise, rest and playtime. We use natural breeding processes. We have a vet, nutritionist and skilled team and we use medications only when necessary. 
  • We are creating opportunities for flourishing rural communities through job creation, mentorship and community involvement. 
  • We also support local food banks and donate a percentage of our proceeds, through World Vision with our Gift a Goat™ program, to purchase goats for women and families looking to build independence in third world countries.