Adopt An Animal Today

Adopt A Farm Animal

Have you ever wanted to have a farm animal but didn’t have the space, time or money to do so? Consider a 1 year adoption of one of Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life’s incredible animals for you or the animal lover or the hard to buy for person in your life! 

Each animal has their own unique packages available so you can customize your gifting to your budget and experience.

At Udderly Ridiculous our #1 priority is our animals – this is why we run very limited experiences, with limited #’s of people and we do not operate like a petting zoo. We do not want our animals overfed, overstimulated and overworked – we balance their need for social interactions and our guests’ experience with them – with their need to have plenty of time to hang out with their friends and just chill in their safe spaces. 

Animals, however, require care 7 days a week, 365 days a year including feeding, cleaning, vaccinations, grooming and specialized vet care for both good health and when an animal becomes ill or hurt. Giving the gift of an Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life adoption helps provide the highest level of care for our animals even when costs of care and feeding continue to rise. 

What is included with my adoption?

  • A certificate of adoption and info on the package chosen (sent by email) 
  • A package on your specific animal which includes an image of your animal, personal details about them, their personality and details on the species (sent by email) 
  • An update on your animal twice per year (sent via email) 
  • The experience inclusions details that come with your chosen animal & package (sent by email) 

The fine print on my adoption: 

  • The adopter will be the individual named on the certificate and the adoption cannot be transferred or refunded 
  • Adoption is for 1 year from the time of purchase and can be renewed if desired 
  • Package inclusions purchased must be used within the adoption period
  • Adoption does not imply ownership of the animal 
  • An animal may be adopted by more than one person
  • If your adopted animal is no longer available at the farm during your adoption period (ie death of the animal or other reason) you will be provided another animal and their package for the remainder of your adoption time


View Our Featured Farm Animals To Adopt Today


A Nigerian Dwarf goat with lots of personality



Hugo is our special needs alpaca

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Banoffee is a Pygmy/Nigerian dwarf cross and thinks he is a dog

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One of our gorgeous Highland Cows



Sassafras – or better known as Sassy who lives up to his name


Queen Elizabeth

Our Nigerian Dwarf/Nubian cross – she is the boss of everyone and has been known to drink tea out of a china cup



Chicken is a laying hen known for her production of amazing deep coloured egg yolks

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