Questions About The Booking System

We recommend pre-booking, to reduce disappointment, however we also welcome walk ins for most experiences and you can pay at the door if we have space available. Note we only run experiences at scheduled times, please check the availability before dropping in to avoid disappointment. 

Yes. Call us or send us an email and we will add you on the waiting list.

You can book online through our experiences page or call us if you need assistance at 1-548-225-1005.

Visa, MasterCard, Debit and cash at the store. Visa and MasterCard when booking online.

After parking, check in at the store. 

Send us an email to [email protected]. Note cancellation policies are in effect. 

Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination through our experiences page – click Gift Certificates. A code will be emailed to you that can be forwarded to the recipient. When the recipient books an experience they can apply the gift code at check out against the experience. 

No, you are welcome to simply drop by during open hours. We offer a farm marketplace, tables outside to enjoy an ice cream or beverage and you are welcome to go and see the animals at the gates/fence. Please do not feed our animals without permission from staff, absolutely no entrance into the animals pastures are permitted without a staff member. 

Note: we are not a petting zoo, our animals are our #1 priority we want to ensure they are not overfed and overstimulated and stressed. We do not sell feed for them nor will we allow people into their pastures without a prebooked experience. Please respect our animals needs and well being. 

We do not have a playground for children on site. 

Please check the cancellation and change policies for each experience. If you need to change a date or want to do a different experience please call us for support – 548-225-1005

Questions About Our Farm

We welcome families to our farm; however, there are age restrictions and rules in place for certain activities to keep children safe and to ensure the well-being of our goats and alpacas. 

Taste of Farm Life Family edition is appropriate for kids of all ages. Note this is a 2+ hour experience and most of it is outside. 

Alpacas are gentle and shy creatures and require individuals to be calm in order to have the best experience. Children ages 10 and up can participate in our Alpaca Walks; however, anyone under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult, and will not be allowed to hold the alpaca’s reins while we are out on the walking portion. 

Goat Recess: children must be with a parent and supervised at all times. Children under age 2 must be in a parents’ arms at all times and strollers are not allowed in the goat recess area (goats will jump up into them!). 

Goat yoga is 16+ years only.

At the farm, kids can also view the goats and alpacas from behind the fences. They must be supervised by an adult at all times. Please do not feed our animals without permission from staff. 

Some experiences have age restrictions due to insurance/liability reasons. Please check the details of each experience for the age limits.

Yes you can, please check in with staff before going to visit the animals. If you want to join in an experience that may be taking place during your visit you can purchase tickets in the store if there is space available. 

Note: we do not have a playground for children and we are not a petting zoo. We do not provide feed to be purchased and we do not allow people into the animal enclosures without a prebooked experience. Our animals well being is out top priority – we do not want them overfed and overstimulated/stressed. Please respect our animals and staff. Do not feed anything to our animals without a staff member’s approval. 

The health and safety of our guest is our top priority. We are taking all recommended precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including stringent cleaning, social distancing requirements and daily employee wellness checks – our staff are vaccinated. We ask the public to help keep everyone safe by following all the rules, and staying home if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms.

Please do not bring your dog (or other animals) to the farm. Our goats and other animals can be stressed and anxious when there are animals they are not familiar with.

We are open 10:30am-7pm Wednesday to Saturday* and 10:30am-5pm on Sunday*.

*Hours subject to change – during winter months we are open Weekends and before and after experiences on Fridays. Midweek only by appointment or by chance. 

We are located at 906200 Township Rd 12, Bright, ON N0J 1B0.

Please note that our farm is on a dirt road.

Yes, except when we are not.

We will have some prepared food items available as well as refreshments, but there is no full service restaurant as we currently do not have a licenced kitchen onsite.

Yes, there are toilet facilities on site.

Yes it is, including Cannabis (recreational marijuana) and cannabis related products (infused liquids, foods, etc.) are prohibited on the property.

Our store front area is on level ground, however our experiences happen on working land which means it is uneven and not paved.

You can purchase on site at the farm, or go to www.udderlyridiculous.ca/where-to-buy for retail locations and online delivery options close to you

We are Rainbow Registered and create a safe space for all people including the LQBTQ+ community. 

Questions About Farm Life Experiences

There will be plenty of time available to see the animals before and/or after your experience, however if you arrive close to your activity time please check in first so we can begin the experience on time.

Each experience will have details on what to bring (or leave at home) and you will also get reminder notifications with this information.

Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult.

The yoga class is for all levels, however we don’t recommend this class for those who are pregnant or have any back or physical issues that may be made worse by a goat who may want to jump up or onto you.

Yes pictures are always a great idea (please tag us @udderlyridiculousfarmlife if you are posting to social media). Please note that no one is permitted into the paddocks with the animals unless they are doing a pre-scheduled experience or are with a staff member. We need to respect that our animals need down time as well and we don’t want them overly stimulated.