Woman smiling while holding an adorable baby goat at Udderly Ridiculous Farm Life.
baby goat cleaning himself in the goat cuddle experience
Our baby goat Earl with his flappy ears
Young girl playing with a baby goat during goat cuddles
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$26.50 CAD | Individuals | Ages: 6+
$15 CAD | Kids | Ages: 2-5


Come join our 4 legged kids for Goat Cuddles! 
NOTE Goat cuddles runs November to April (and rain days the rest of the year) it is held in the barn. May to October we get the goats outside for playtime – this also includes time to snuggle – This experience is called Goat Recess 


45-60 minutes


As we head into the cold & wet weather, goats like to be curled up inside. Join our facilitator in the barn as you learn all about the unique skills and personalities of goats. You will get up close and personal with our Pygmy’s, Nigerian Dwarf Goats and even Queen Victoria our mini Nubian. Lots of time for pictures, play, petting, snuggles and hand feeding the goats during your time. The class size is limited to 8 people to maximize your time with the goats. 

During our kidding season, guests may also have the opportunity to get a little snuggle in with our newborns (subject to availability and facilitator discretion for the well being of Mom’s & babies).

Don’t forget to head to the marketplace store for treats for you and one last wave goodbye through the goat viewing window!

How to prepare: 

  • Wear warm clothes you don’t mind a goat jumping up on or nibbling at. 
  • Young goats may want to nibble at long hair so putting your hair in a hat or in a scrunchie 
  • Some of our goats know how to untie shoelaces so be prepared if you are wearing footwear with laces! 
  • We do not allow strollers in with the goats
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult
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