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The farm is my happy place, I can climb as much as I want and I can’t wait to jump on more people in goat yoga!

Parkour, The Goat


My new life here is perfect, I’m going on walks with my buddies and my favorite guide gives me really great treats. YAY!

Finn, The Alpaca


 I used to like this place, but now there are these people on my property?! I have a big enough job guarding my pasture mates – I refuse to deal with humans too, don’t expect me to be all cutesy and nice – I don’t roll like that! 

Snickers, Guard Llama 


The Taste of Farm Life experience is exactly what everyone needs to relax and reconnect! As somebody who works in experience development, I can honestly say that stepping into Cheryl’s world and seeing the farm through her eyes was not only hilarious but an absolute pleasure. This experience is a little bit of everything: playtime with goats, eating drool-worthy ice cream and cheese and spending time going for a walk with those alpacas that truly are so darn cute. A great reminder not to take yourself too seriously.

Gabrielle Mueller


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